Getuigenissen van Keniaanse studenten


My personal experience with the Belgium students (Tille & Katrien) was simply awesome, they are friendly, understanding and optimistic about life in general. It was such a nice experience to get to meet students face to face whom we were chatting with online and they were simply amazing.

What I learnt about Belgium was their education system, I came to know that they started school at Kindergaten and then proceed to six years in primary school and another six in high school.

I especially was enlightened by Tille about the political situation in Belgium which is headed by King Albert II. What was surprising is the fact that they had no government and would soon break the World Record…

What marvelled me the most was how Maria Assumpta was trying to achieve the green goal by using renewable sources of appliances.

In short I learned a lot things about Belgium ranging from linguistics to geographical facts and I would wish to meet Maria Assumpta again. We do miss them a lot, it was a good exchange time.

Victor Odhiambo, student of Our Lady of Fatima


In april van dit jaar ging Maria Assumptalyceum uit Laken op bezoek naar de Keniaanse partnerschool Our Lady of Fatima. Klimaatambassadeurs Katrien en Tille maakten in het kader van het Greenergy project een vergelijking tussen beide scholen inzake klimaat en energieverbruik.

Naar aanleiding van dit bezoek bundelde de partnerschool enkele getuigenissen van de Keniaanse leerlingen. Lees hieronder meer!