VVOB Services

The VVOB SchoolLinks programme wants to contribute to a greater solidarity between Flanders and the South. We are convinced that all students and teachers should get the opportunity to actively teaming up themselves. This ability direct involvement with each other is in our opinion the best way to achieve a balanced picture about each other and the North-South issues and to create sustainable behavioral changes.

VVOB facilitates the school collaboration and supports schools to make their partnership stronger. Nevertheless, VVOB is not taking the lead in SchoolLinks. The responsibility for the partnership and its success (or failure), is completely in hands of the schools. They decide themselves how they collaborate and which activities they implement.

The facilitating and supporting role of VVOB consists of:

  • Selecting and linking interested schools
  • Helping with the first contacts and communication
  • Inspiring schools on how they can build on the partnership
  • Giving advise on all kind of questions concerning the partnership
  • Small financial support to cover the expenses the committed schools may have.

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