1. Criteria

Schools have to comply with certain criteria. Firstly, a good motivation is essential. The school sets the right goals for the school partnership, based on educational outcomes. Secondly, there is enough commitment to start up and put into effect a school link:

  • The school board supports the initiative.
  • The idea of a school link was discussed with the teaching team and several teachers are engaged.
  • The school is prepared to communicate frequently with the partnerschool and to develop the partnership according the philosophy and principles of VVOB.

2. School Profile

Interested schools set up a school profile. You send the profile to VVOB SchoolLinks Programme through 

3. Looking for a partner

VVOB presents the profiles to the Flemish schools. IF (and only if) there is an interested partner, VVOB will put both schools in contact. The schools then will get to know each other and can agree on linking and collaboration.

4. Submitting an action plan

Partner schools jointly develop an action plan in which they describe how they will develop their partnership in the coming year(s) and detail the actions they plan to undertake.

The communication between the schools, the realisation of activities or at term even a visit to or from the partner school may have some costs which the schools cannot afford themselves. VVOB provides a financial contribution to implement these and other activities, though only during the first years of the partnership. It is essential to understand that the school partnership is a long term commitment and that the partnership should grow independently from the organisation.

5. Implementing the action plan

During the first year, schools start the activities of their school link. After the first contacts, they can begin to implement them, according to the action plan they jointly set up. A good balance between activities in collaboration with your partner school and activities within your own school is essential for a successful school link.

6. End report and new action plan

When implemented the action plan (schools have max. 2 years to do so), the schools submit an activity report (or end report). After a positive evaluation of the school link, a new collaboration year can begin!