A school link: the concept

Teachers and directors realise that the world in which their students grow up is a global world. Today it is not only about offering the students a view of the world in the South. Teachers and their students want to obtain a view of the world together with the South as well as a better picture of their own society.

The School link programme is therefore a logical consequence of the evolutions in society concerning globalisation,diversity and the resulting new forms of cooperation. To build a school link, can offer an answer to these challenges and is connected with new insights concerning the acquisition of international capabilities in education.

But what precisely is then a school link? Why can it be meaningful for our school and students? And how do you start? An answer to all your questions can be found here.

  • A cooperation between two schools at different locations in the world can take different forms. What turns an exchange into a school link?
  • School link requires a commitment from the schools involved, but at the same time has many advantages. Why to start a school link?
  • Each cooperation goes through a gradual development towards a sustainable partnership. How to build a school link?