'Levels' of school links

Schools grow in their cooperation. This means that each year both schools are to take several steps forward. Communication becomes more intense, activities more interactive and more integrated in the lessons and a broader commitment and involvement in school is realised.

In the action plan and the attached grant this growth is central and will become a condition to receive the grant. VVOB distinguishes 4 levels in which the SchoolLink can be situated:

Starting SchoolLink

On multiple occasions contact has been established been the schools and both schools have the intention for a long-lasting cooperation. There is full support from the management and teachers for the development of a SchoolLink.

SchoolLink with experience

The schools communicate internal and external on a regular basis. Throughout the year several awareness and educational activities are organised concerning the SchoolLink, North South issues and the partner country. Both schools make an effort to truly cooperate within these activities.

Advanced SchoolLink

Communication exists on a broad and regular basis with the partner school. Besides activities on global education, exchange on educational themes and pedagogic methods occurs. Teachers of both schools learn from each other’s approach and experiences with their domain of expertise and they work out activities on a regular basis. There is co-financing of the SchoolLink activities.

Sustainable SchoolLink

The SchoolLink is an expert in North South partnerships; it has developed strong experience and has evolved far in her activities. The SchoolLink is well integrated in the school life and policy. Exchange, in which capacity enhancement of teachers is central, is an important focal point. The SchoolLink functions almost independently, including financially, and determines her own but common course.